Learning & Development

Effectus provides support for individuals, teams, and organisations to become more strategic. We offer a range of assessment, coaching, team & organizational development services that enhance strategic skills and performance.

Strategic Individual

This programme is aimed at high potential managers seeking to improve their strategic performance en route to senior leadership positions. 


  • Thinking styles of strategic people 
  • Zooming in and zooming out 
  • Reflection and dialogue skills 
  • Surfacing assumptions 
  • Using metaphorical thinking 

Strategic Team

This programme is aimed at complete management and leadership teams aiming to enhance their collective strategy performance, across strategy formulation, planning and implementation   


  • Team diagnostic and compositional assessment 
  • Problem framing 
  • Becoming strategically alert 
  • Constructive enquiry and dialogue 
  • Forming collective commitments 
  • Team routines and meetings 
  • Shared incentives 

Strategic Organization

This program is aimed at leadership teams and boards responsible for organizational design and raising strategy performance across all people and business units. 


  • Unlinking strategy from structure 
  • Building an opportunity-first organization 
  • Increasing strategic flow of people, ideas, and capital 
  • Building strategic agility from the edges 
  • Continuous planning processes 
  • Open strategy process 
  • Corporate venturing as intentional instability 
  • Artefacts to foster a culture of strategic thinking 

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