Lean Scaleup

Lean Scaleup solves the problem of how to scale ‘from the inside’ when there is a mismatch between a venture and the parent business in terms of size, profitability, processes, and culture. This mismatch often leads to the new venture being denied the corporate resources it depends on for advantage over greenfield rivals at the critical moment when it seeks to move from a minimum viable product (MVP) to commercial status.

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Lean Scaleup Approach

Lean Scaleup is a new approach to business building within a large enterprise designed to increase the success rate of new growth ventures. Lean Scaleup builds on the principles of the ‘Lean Startup’ movement (agility, frugality, customer focus) and applies them in a corporate context, ensuring that all the conditions are right for the new venture to prosper with the support of the corporate parent. 

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Lean Scaleup provides an end-to-end methodology for developing idea to scale in a corporate context. The key feature is the continuous assessment of two factors: ‘worthy to be scaled’ – validated customer need and market potential; and ‘ready to be scaled’ – established connectivity with key corporate functions that will support the scaling-up effort – at every stage of the process.

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The Lean Scaleup ‘gearbox’ details the key points of connection between the corporate and the new business that must be working for the project to move from MVP to scale in areas including reward, compliance, finance, and sales force.

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Lean Scaleup describes what leaders need to do to manage the dual requirements of core business performance (efficiency, predictability) and new business building (speed, experimentation) in parallel and build a culture of collaboration and growth.

“…with the challenges of disruption, the rapid evolution of business models, and the need to re-define the ways business works, the Lean Scaleup provides a route map.”

– David Gilmour, bp Launchpad

“…a great framework for corporates who are seriously looking to convert innovation investments into business impact.”

– Daniele Dondi, ING Neo

“…tackles one of the toughest – but most critical – challenges for the modern Enterprise – scaling up inside existing organizations.”

– Hilton Barbour, Kognitiv Corporation

Your Frequently Answered Questions

Who created the lean Scaleup Framework?
The Lean Scaleup Framework was created from a collaboration of 20+ global companies and business schools with decades of corporate venturing practical experience.
What stage and/ or type of business is the Lean Scaleup designed for?
The Lean Scaleup approach is designed for large companies in all industries seeking to grow and transform through new business ventures beyond their core business.
Why is it called 'Lean' Scaleup?
The term ‘Lean Scaleup’ is used to extend the Lean Startup model into a corporate context and emphasize the specific challenges of scaling new ventures from within a large established enterprise.
How can I learn more about the Lean Scaleup?
You can learn more about the Lean Scaleup by visiting the Lean Scaleup website, reading the book, applying for the diagnostic, or giving us a call by booking an appointment.

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