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Strategic Decision Making

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Strategic Decision Making

Decision making is at the heart of strategy. Effectus provides technical analysis, market research, and leadership team development to support critical strategic decisions.

Strategic Review

Effectus has significant experience of conducting external, independent, strategic assessments of business units and corporate portfolios, providing clarity on key performance issues and quantified strategic options.

Decision Support

Effectus provides analysis of high-impact strategic decisions including acquisitions, market extensions and large capital proposals, using primary outreach and financial modelling to examine benefits and risks. 


Effectus has a track record of successfuly leading business turnarounds, using a combination of strategic redirection, operational improvement, financial restructuring and leadership team development.     

Growth Strategy

Sustainable value creation is the ultimate objective of strategy.  Effectus helps clients develop integrated growth strategies combining organic, inorganic, and digital growth initiatives.    

Growth Strategy

Effectus helps clients develop an integrated growth playbook including the identification of adjacent growth markets, sales improvements, pricing innovations, business model innovations, and M&A opportunities.

Innovation Strategy

Effectus has supported many cients to build a customer-centric innovation strategy, set innovation portfolio targets and roadmaps, and utilize open innovation and ecosystem partnerships to increase the diversity of ideas and quality of execution. 

Corporate Business Building

Effectus pioneered the field of corporate venturing in the late 1990’s and continues to advance the practice through new approches such as Lean Scaleup – building and scaling successful ventures from within.  

Strategy Execution

Leaders are responsible for strategy formulation and implementation. Effectus supports leaders to plan and execute strategic objectives.

Integrated Strategy

Integrated Strategy is Effectus’s unique approach to strategic management, linking leadership cognition, organizational agility, and social intentionality to produce strategies that deliver broad based sustainable value. 

Interim Leadership

Effectus provides interim leadership for turnaround situations, including financial restructuring, market refocusing, operational improvement, strategic planning and executive team development. 


Strategy Execution

Effectus provides program management and strategy implementation support using an agile balanced scorecard method to align resources and drive key performance metrics.

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