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Strategic thinking Workshop

Effectus ‘Strategy Challenge Workshops’ combine expert facilitation with strategic thinking techniques to produce high quality strategy insights and leadership team alignment about key challenges and how to address them.

The strategy process takes place in three stages, shown below.

Stage 1 Data Gathering (pre-workshop)

  • Interviews with leadership and senior management
  • Interviews with key members of staff concerning key issues
  • Leadership team strategy effectiveness assessment tool
  • Market and competitor research

Stage 2 – Strategy Challenge Workshop

  • 2 days, offsite, senior team
  • Sharing data findings
  • Dialogue and key issue identification
  • Structuring and prioritisation of key issues
  • Strategy formulation
  • Key initiatives and roadmap/portfolio implications

Stage 3 – Implementation

  • Strategy sprints
  • Strategic initiatives measurement
  • Team and function sub-strategy development
  • Strategy assumptions checking and recalibration
  • Strategy update
  • Pivoting

Want to learn more about thinking strategically?

Strategic thinking has become a core competency for business leaders globally. Over-used and under-defined, the term is often used interchangeably with strategic management. This textbook delineates and defines strategic thinking as a conceptual cognitive capability.

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Workshop Hosts


Brian Mooney

Brian Mooney is a management consultant and interim executive with over twenty-five years’ experience. His expertise covers corporate & portfolio strategy, growth strategy, mergers and acquisition integration, private equity and corporate venturing. With a large client base that extends throughout the UK, Middle East and Asia with leading companies in telecoms, media, business services and professional services industries.

Brian Mooney - Strategic Thinking Workshop Host

Julia Sloan

Dr. Sloan is a leading authority on the cognitive aspect of strategic thinking and is widely recognized for her pioneering work on the application of complex cognitive theory to everyday strategic thinking practice in global business and public policy. Her strategic thinking work draws upon more than two decades of her own expatriate corporate experience in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, working on strategy to align the business agenda with prevailing economic, cultural and social issues.

Julia Sloan

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