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Scaling Corporate Ventures

Successfully scaling corporate ventures involves leveraging core business systems and assets including capital, supply chain, distribution channels and brand. The challenge is to balance present-fit with future-stretch. Frank Mattes has collaborated with Effectus Research, Philips, Orange, BP and other leading global innovators, to produce this ground-breaking solution to systematically building new scaled businesses from innovation.

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At Effectus Research, we aim to support organizations in various stages of development. We have over 25 years of experience within the strategy consulting industry, working with both global and medium-sized businesses.

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What’s wrong with internal corporate venturing and how to fix it?

I've been consulting on intra-company venturing for over 20 years, through three economic cycles, and with dozens of Fortune 500 clients. Typically, ventures are started during a technology inflection, such as the original dot com, web 2.0 or SaaS; with the intention...

Lean Scaleup: solving the corporate business building dilemma

The basic premise of new business building is that the parent assets can be leveraged to support growth. That is what creates an advantage over greenfield startups.   Leverageable assets include capital, salesforce, customer accounts, brand, technology, and business...

The Corporate Start-Up Sweet Spot

The corporate start-up sweet spot is where an internal venture provides corporate fit and stretch, in terms of markets, strategic learning, and business model. The rationale for corporate start-ups is that large companies have a resource advantage over...

How to turn disruption into an advantage

‘Disruption’ sounds painful, and it is when you are running a business that suddenly finds itself losing profit and market share to a competitor providing a product or service that makes yours look expensive or obsolete. Harvard Business School professor Clayton...

Minimum Viable Planning

There may seem little point in medium-term 1-3 year strategic planning during a crisis. But decisions taken today have ramifications down the line, so having a plan with stated objectives is helpful to making the right ones. The problem is that standard strategic...

What value is strategy during the COVID-19 crisis?

(Originally written April 2020) What should strategy managers be doing today? Is strategy relevant during the corona crisis? What is strategy responsible for at this time of greatest organizational need? Right now, executives want rapid answers to basic operational...

Think before you test

Most startups now follow a customer development approach to innovation as follows: talk to users about the area you want to innovateidentify their paincome up with ways to solve their painshow them your ideasget feedbackadapt your best idea repeat the process until...

Finding a New Direction

Business strategy projects often begin full of curiosity and enthusiasm to develop a powerful new plan but end with an incremental set of objectives and initiatives based on the current model. Why is that? What happens during the course of converting analysis into...

Slow strategy

Recently I've noticed several consulting firms promoting accelerated strategy development methodologies with names like 'Rapid Strategy' and 'Competitive Advantage in 3 Days'. They follow a similar format: 2-3 day executive workshop Start with defining a long term...

Find time for strategy

It's hard to find time for strategy in today's hyperactive environment. The corporate world is entranced by an agile credo that prizes speed and activity over dialogue and ideas. As a result, expectations about strategy are changing: executives want strategy now and...