Business Building

Scale or fail

how to create an internal business building function

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Seven principles for achieving transformational growth

Scaling Innovation

Achieving scale is the number one barrier to commercial goals. This report explores why most innovations fail and what to do about it.

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Why business building is the new priority for growth

Corporate Business Building

Not all corporations that participate in corporate business building experience success. But Mckinsey explores the increasing importance of prioritizing growth to meet threats and opportunities of a digitizing world.

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The importance of incorporating innovation in a Firm | Effectus Research

Building innovation inside an established organization

Insead explores the important aspects of building innovation internally and the potential problems that organizations should be aware of.

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What matters in creating new ventures

Mckinsey & co. explores the importance of the scale-up phase and what areas have the biggest impact on success.

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How medtech companies can create value with new-business building | Effectus Research

How new business building creates value for the medtech industry

By focusing on the Medtech industry, the following report by Mckinsey & Co. highlights; the value new business building can provide for companies, the problems and difficulties that arise, and how to get it right.